QRTRAC is the only platform which provides unlimited users, teams, unlimited QR code scans, analytics & QR code customisation with its basic plan

The misinformation about the true cost of creating and managing QR codes by companies in the market has led SMB’s abstain from using this best medium to transform customer engagement from physical to digital using QR codes because they believe they can’t afford it.

QRTRAC offers transparent pricing and believe in value first approach

Since, plethora of QR code generators aren’t as transparent about QR codes pricing as us, it does not help the cause. On the other hand, it is also true that some of the providers are transparent on self-serve plans with key features hidden under the curtain of invisible so-called enterprise plans.

Why QRTRAC offers unlimited users and scans for free when everyone else doesn’t ?

Software as a Service (SaaS) has transformed the company’s operation.Since it almost cost us a penny or two, to create a user account or a Team account, we believe it is unfair to charge our customer on the basis of number of users. When we were making this change to our business model, some of our colleagues told us that this was probably a bad idea for the business model since everybody charges per user.

Our answer was very simple, it is unfair. We believe that everyone should have equal access to technology especially when it does not cost as much.

Another reason we offer unlimited scans is not because it does not cost us anything but we fundamentally believe that, if you run a successful campaign using QR codes, our relationship will be much stronger. If Qrtrac does not give you desired ROI or outcome, we know that you will leave us before we know about it.

Our pricing is designed for SMB companies and we understand your needs. One of the core values and our mission is to help your business to thrive irrespective of your turnover. You can get started as low as 0.5$- 1$ with one QR code and experience full features of the platform. We believe that every SMBs should have equal access to QR codes and all premium features are what makes us different.

What you pay ?

If you look around and see the current market pricing for QR Code generators, pricing can go from 100$ to 100,000$ per year, and in between.

Not to forget, almost every QR code platform in the market charges an additional 100$ – 500$ per user per year which is unfair.

Our platform is as powerful as others – if not more. Our pricing is designed for SMB companies with big enterprise dreams. Regardless of your size, number of users you require or number of sub accounts or teams you would like to have access to, you only pay for what you use starting with 0.5$ – 1$ for each QR code with no obligations or lock in period enforcement.

We believe every business should have access to premium features such Custom domain/Short url of your own for QR code. Which is what we do exactly by providing you an option to buy a custom domain for 10$ per month for a custom domain. We wish to provide this for free but it does cost us to issue an SSL certificate and maintain it on your behalf.

What you get ?

  • Multi user access
  • Branded custom domain
  • Unlimited QR code scans
  • Unlimited User seats and sub accounts
  • Full access to your analytics data
  • Pay as you go
  • Full access to all core and fundamental features to custom QR codes
  • No Ads or hidden upsells.

What makes us different?

We believe our product can do the talking about premium features that we offer for SMB’s without breaking the bank. In the end, fairness is what we are after.

In summary, we are all about fair pricing, premium features and truly believe in our mission to help you as a customer to succeed in using QR Codes without worrying about long term commitments. We are there to support your journey from conception to making your marketing campaign a success.

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